For a cozy and intimate atmosphere or on a holiday table, this one will have a great effect! This wax candle is made in a traditional way. Our craftsmen have inlaid a carved arabesque, made of cedar wood. This wax is much more heat-resistant than a candle wax. 
The ornament will diffuse the flicker of the flame on the different supports that will be nearby, you will have the impression that a lace comes to dance at the discretion of the oscillation of the flame on your walls.  
This will give a real sense of intimacy, a warm atmosphere, which will depend on the lighting of your room.

Moroccan Candle Holder Yellow

95,00$ Prix original
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  • C1 : H 2.75' W 2/75'

    C2 : H 3.9' W 3.9'

    C3 : H 4.72' W 4.72