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For the first time, choose the color of the stitching and the leather of your ottomans

Mis à jour : 3 août 2020

Do you want to decorate your home and you have a color style? looking to add a magic touch to this color scheme, the leather ottomans have a magic effect and can impress you.

And for the first time, Our team gives exclusivity to its customers to customize their leather ottomansđŸ„°, so you can now choose: - The size of your ottomans, - The color of the leather you want - The color of the stitching you like, - With/Without Tassel & Pompom

The leather used is the premium Goatskin, it is rare and expensive, our ottomans are 100% natural, handmade by our workshop and contain our brand to fight piracy and fake ottomans on the market.

Visit our store and our collection of ottomans, : 👇👇

If you are looking for other colors, contact us on our facebook page or by email

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