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Berber Carpets :

The unique look of Taznakht carpet

Enjoy this special Taznakht carpet in red and saffron-yellow hues from the area of 140 km from Ouarzazate. In Berber culture, red represents strength and protection. The combination of the rug’s colors and esoteric symbolism gives this piece of ethnic art its unique appeal. The striking composition of this vintage rug features a large polygon in the center containing other colorful shapes and symbols. The short, strong fringe on one side adds a special playful feeling.

Things That Make You Love Berber Culture And Beni Ourain Carpets.

  Morocco is a land, extraordinarily diverse in its geography: the serene Atlantic and the Mediterranean coasts, the Riff and the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, blistering Sahara desert, lush oases, forests and fertile soils. Influences of various cultures together with the radically different climatic conditions represent Morocco’s natural heritage. Throughout Moroccan history, various people migrated and settled in this land: Arabs, Moors, Jewish tribes, people of Andalusia and Sicily.

Beni ouarain rugs :

The Beni Ourain are a relatively large group of tribes inhabiting the mountains south east of fes  “Morocco” Beni Ouarain rugs are surprisingly modern looking, hand-knotted using natural organic wool. featuring minimalist designs of diamonds, triangles or naïve figures in black on a white or cream background but  some times brown pattern on white or cream background .

An Introduction to Vintage Moroccan Rugs

Vintage Moroccan rugs have for a long time been greatly desired and as of recent have been in great demand in New York. They are beautiful decorative pieces to put in your house. But these rugs were not always meant to be decorative pieces. They date back to the Paleolithic era, and were primarily woven for practical uses, rather than for looks. And recently their abstract and primarily modern designs set them apart from the unique and more elegant [...]

Which Cities Made or Sold Moroccan Rugs

Which cities made or sold Moroccan Rugs Cities that are located on major caravan and trade routes were producing the most carpets. They created rugs with diverse designs that were influenced by the African tribes, Ottoman traders, and traditional Anatolian carpets. Coastal cities like Rabat, Medina, and Sale produced rugs, and received a lot of international attention.

Handmade Moroccan Rugs

Get Comfortable With Our Handmade Moroccan Rugs Beniourain Carpets are well known for our imported handmade Moroccan rugs and carpets. We get the most positive feedback from our customers. They love our carpets, rugs and the story behind them. One thing some of our customers don’t know is that we also carry handmade pillows that are gradually becoming a hot item.

Azilal Carpets

Azilal rugs do not have a time line. They lack any history dating them back to their initial existence. No one knows where they are from, or what they used to look like. Their existence has been held secret from the world until recently. They are made in the present day province of Azilal in Morocco, but there is no note whether that land has brought these rugs to existence or not.

Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan Rugs Beniouarian Carpet brings Moroccan culture to Brooklyn, New York. We have a website featuring pictures of all our products including information about them. We’ve imported the most desirable and unique collection of vintage Moroccan rugs and carpets from the villages and mountains of the Bebers and the Beni Ourains. The story of the Berber carpet weaving tradition is an interesting one. While most oriental carpets

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